René is the founder and CEO of The Video Mentor

Rooted in her passion for academia, storytelling, and the moving image.

She saw how the videos from enterprises had so many opportunities to share their talents and influence but fell short of their full potential.

If only they had the education to make a visual impact on the world of what they do.

She knows their content could inform and entertain.

René saw many enterprises working to make the world a better place to live, love, and celebrate.

She is here to help them get their messages out to a broader audience, with the principles of filmmaking.

When at CU Boulder, her professor said to the class she was enrolled in, “When you go to the movies, you are making an agreement with the director of that film to hand your life over for the duration of the film.  Be it ninety minutes or three hours, it is an agreement you make when you purchase that ticket.”

That is the agreement enterprises want when their clients/students are watching their videos.

René knows that the videos produced within enterprises can have a high level of impact on their client/students when they are film quality.

That is why it is vital to hire René as your in-house filmmaker to bring their videos to the quality seen at the movies.

René is a University of Colorado Boulder alumnus with an emphasis in film theory and production.

She comes from a coaching background and holds a bachelor of science in geology.

René continues to educate herself, and develop her skills to stay abreast of the

higher education, e-learning, and film industries.


  • BA in Film Theory from University of Colorado Boulder, 2017
  • BFA in Film Production from University of Colorado Boulder, 2017
  • BS in Geology from University of Southern Mississippi, 1991
  • Certification Executive Presence and Influence from Wharton University of Pennsylvania, 2022
  • Certification Applied Business University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds Business School, 2017
  • Certified Fearless Living Coach from the Fearless Living Institute (CFLC), 2007
  • Workshop in Introduction to Production Assisting from London Film School, 2022
  • Workshop in Story, Screenwriting & Voice from London Film School, 2022
  • Workshop in Through the Lens: Visual Storytelling in Film from London Film School, 2022
  • Workshop in The Masculinity Paradox Ester Perel’s Sessions, 2018