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I am Rene Estes, The Video Mentor. A filmmaker by trade. I have always had the desire to teach at the university. That desire is the inspiration behind The Video Mentor.

Scopophilia, The Objectification Theory

As children, one of our parents would scold us for starting at a stranger. In film, we call that the gaze, the looking upon another person for long periods of time without a break. The gaze is intrusive and unnerving when not invited. This article will discuss the Male Gaze, theorized by Laura Mulvey, 1975, groundbreaking criticism Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, The Objectification Theory and Jill Soloway, 2020, Female Gaze she describes at Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF. First, we will identify the differences between the male gaze and the female gaze. Then we will explore the Objectification Theory, Towards Understanding Women's Lived Experiences and Mental Health Risks. Finally, conclude why this is important in the amateur videos we make for our businesses and how knowing these theories will elevate them to a professional level. The Male Gaze, Laura

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Photoplay and The Role it Plays in Shaping Our Perceptions

Photoplay and The Role it is Shaping Our Perceptions For some of us, it might feel like the smartphone has been around forever. New technology has long-lasting effects on societies. This article will explore the effects the smartphone has played on our self-image and how its use in two dimensions impacts our self-esteem: the edited image, the selfie, and the immediate distribution of that image. We will explore the paradox between what we have gained from a virtual relationship vs. our in-person relationships. First, let us step back in time to explore some historical events that made the invention of the smartphone possible. In the 1970s, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) allowed limited competition in long-distance services, including selling network access to alternative service provides, at below-cost rates. Local service was off-limits. The U.S. Justice Department filed an antitrust

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Importance of engaging Audio video consulting while making promotional videos

        Film footage is appreciated by its audio/video quality so you have to achieve higher levels of excellence to make an outstanding film.  A good advertising video will have both these qualities at optimum levels to attract the attention of the target audience. More emphasis is placed on the video that a person may be shooting opposed to the audio and the end result is usually a poor response leading to reduced views. This result will ultimately not produce for you in the world of advertisement and commercial videos. A commercial video is shot and shown to the public in order to garner customer traffic. If it fails to serve its purpose the video maker/promoter suffers the consequences. That is why it is important to have a professional video consulting company to coach you on how to

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How to make professional videos?

      People on average spend more time watching online videos than looking at images or reading text. Video accounts for more than 75% of all online traffic. Meaning, that if you are on the internet you are probably watching a video. Video is highly popular in the world of digital marketing. Whether you are catering to the market by supplying promotional videos or striving to become a professional video maker the following tips on how to make professional videos will help. 

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How to make video for website?

      Making professional video is vastly different from a regular video. But making a video for website that is aspiring to get millions of viewers for its products is entirely a different ball game. The objective of the video is to impress the online crowd, get your message across and convert visitors into customers of the website products or services. If you are learning the ropes of professional video making here are some tips on how to make video for websites:

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How to make your videos look professional?

      Making a video is as easy, as anyone with a camera can shoot one. But making it look professional is a bit tougher due to needing qualified expertise and experience. If you are an amateur video maker looking to make your grand entrance in to the world of digital marketing then you should know how to make your videos look professional. Sleekly made professional videos are highly popular with online visitors and we’re going to give you some tips on how to do just that.

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Join Mentor Coaching Program if You are Struggling to Make Successful Promotional Videos

    Professionally shot videos are the most watched because they contain all the ingredients that make an excellent video presentation. If you are already a coach or a video maker making product promotion videos for your clients then you would know what we mean by that. Are you successful with your video shooting ventures? Are your clients satisfied with the outcome of your video productions? If not then you must opt for Rene’s mentor coaching program that will teach you how to shoot professional videos. A coaching manual for shooting professional videos Our mentor program will tell you exactly how you should go about making professional business video and address all aspects that go in to the making of the video. Additionally you will learn how to be a better coach yourself.  Whether it is the camera angle or

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Small Business Coach

    If you are Small business coach, learn to make professional marketing videos for clients As a small business consultant are you not achieving success? Small businesses form major chunk of the business realm, and products. If you are a small business coach and not able to achieve your targeted goals for your clients, then you might need a specialist who will correct your mistakes and show how you. Video marketing is a great lure to get customers and as a coach you must be making promotional videos for your clients. Videos have a way to attract probable customers and convert them into profitable business as it is You might be making great videos with lots of innovations but must be choosing the wrong marketing idea to integrate with. This may not be noticeable to your because you are the maker and may be puzzled

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Finding the right videographer for your next event

Technology has increased in benefits for its consumers. With cellular phones and tablets, you can snap photos, go live, and send files within minutes. However, cell phone cameras and tablets can only offer so much. When it comes to your next big event -or small one!- you want high quality and professionalism when capturing those priceless moments. Things to Consider More than likely, planners want their viewers to feel as though they’re right in the moment of the event, even for those who aren’t present. A CISCO study suggests that by 2020 more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from online video usage. Whether you’re the mother of the bride hosting all the guests or an active party planner, your idea of perfection doesn’t waver. You want striking composition in a natural atmosphere and it’s almost impossible

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Tips to Successful Video Making

Be seen as the expert you are, and get the clients you want! Certain key aspects of filmmaking can make or break your message. Your video will make the viewer feel something – will you be drawing them in or pushing them away? Be sure to use the following tips in order to create a successful video, and ultimately attract your target clientele. 1) It’s All About Contrast! Shadows keep shape and clearly define perspective. To look your best, you must avoid overexposure. Overexposure will flatten you and reduce you to a caricature of who you really are a successful professional. As a result, a lack of contrast flattens your message. Remember, the shadows are your friend! They create depth of character and make you look more inviting. 2) It’s Not a

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