Technology has increased in benefits for its consumers. With cellular phones and tablets, you can snap photos, go live, and send files within minutes. However, cell phone cameras and tablets can only offer so much. When it comes to your next big event -or small one!- you want high quality and professionalism when capturing those priceless moments.

Things to Consider

More than likely, planners want their viewers to feel as though they’re right in the moment of the event, even for those who aren’t present. A CISCO study suggests that by 2020 more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from online video usage. Whether you’re the mother of the bride hosting all the guests or an active party planner, your idea of perfection doesn’t waver. You want striking composition in a natural atmosphere and it’s almost impossible to capture this when you are everywhere else. Or you have an inexperienced assistant take the reigns of photographing those classic moments. Before you give the rights to less experienced individuals, consider the event itself. Whose event are you working? Where is the event geographically located? How many people? What special requests have been made by the client? Lastly, who is involved in the planning process? Well thought out answers to these questions will help determine the best fit for a videographer. It may also benefit you to take a video coaching mentoring class with a videography professional. These courses show you how to make your videos look professional.


More than likely, you’ll find all of the answers to your questions within a thread of reviews on the internet. Then you can decide if the videography service is what you’re looking for. Assuming you can sift through personal critical details, the reviews that stand out as red flags should be obvious ( i.e. videography was late/no show, not cordial, didn’t follow through with contract agreement, etc;).

Treat Photography and Videography the Same

Although their work may seem similar, the services differ in obvious ways. A photographer can capture those clear and still moments in time while a videographer can take active play-by-play scenes of your event. Whether it’s a sweet 16 or a retirement party, videos can capture speeches and priceless expressions.

Are you ready to expand your event planning? Videography can be the perfect asset to your business when done right. Let a professional help you reach your event goals with top-notch video coach mentoring and av consulting. Expert small business coach Rene Estes has been servicing Boulder and the surrounding areas for many years, helping small businesses reach their clientele through professional strategies. For more information on how Rene can help your next client, contact her today!