Making professional video is vastly different from a regular video. But making a video for website that is aspiring to get millions of viewers for its products is entirely a different ball game. The objective of the video is to impress the online crowd, get your message across and convert visitors into customers of the website products or services. If you are learning the ropes of professional video making here are some tips on how to make video for websites:

  1. Shoot close-ups

This is the most common mistake committed. Not taking a close up of the person you are interviewing and making him/her look smaller will have adverse effect on the viewers. When you are working with a small frame you can’t accommodate sweeping scenes and taking close up shots is your best bet to attain maximum effect. Close-ups connect with viewers personally and you should exploit this factor to the fullest.

  1. Adjust distance for Webcam

Contemporary web cameras including camcorders and cell phones shoot at really wide angles. Make sure that you don’t get very close to the camera when using a webcam. If you get too close to the object you are shooting it is likely to get distorted and will look really strange.

  1. The critical factor of lighting

Most videos made for websites suffer from bad lighting. If you stand under lighting and shoot you won’t be able to clearly film the objects. You will find shadows under eye sockets and you won’t be able to see the eyes. You must have uniform light on the scene if you want to see objects clearly. If natural sunlight is not sufficient use additional lights to drive away shadows from the scene.

  1. Use grid of thirds

Professionals while shooting videos break the frame in to three grids. What you will do is have a tic-tac-toe grid on your viewer so it provides you with 4 different points where you can place your subjects. By doing that you will attract the attention of the viewers to the subjects easily. The ideal position is to place the subject on the intersection of the third lines.

  1. Do NOT use big microphones during interviews

You are likely to unnerve the subjects you are interviewing when you thrust the camera and the accompanying microphones with big heads. A big stick microphone will intimidate the subject and will not evoke natural response from him/her thus making the video unreal. Make the subject feel as if he or she is free from all this and you can do so by using smaller micro/micro mini phones that you can attach to their shirt/dress. It will be invisible and far smaller size than shot gun microphones.

Website videos are made for producing results such as getting customer attention to products. Small mistakes can spoil the effects of the video and result in people touching the next button. Video production for website is a vital promotional tool that could make or break the website with its quality and content. Learn to shoot professional grade website videos from Rene and watch the coaching videos online.