Making a video is as easy, as anyone with a camera can shoot one. But making it look professional is a bit tougher due to needing qualified expertise and experience. If you are an amateur video maker looking to make your grand entrance in to the world of digital marketing then you should know how to make your videos look professional. Sleekly made professional videos are highly popular with online visitors and we’re going to give you some tips on how to do just that.

Mobile phones have become reliable instruments for recording events while you are on the move. If you are an individual aiming to shoot a professional video with a mobile phone it is perfectly alright because their cameras have advanced. Most of the latest smartphones have 4K or full HD capabilities and the increased storage space hugely supplements your video shooting aspirations. It is also easy to shoot, store and share videos with mobile phones because of their communication features. It may look easy to shoot videos with phones but it is the skills that counts when it comes to making professional videos.

Here are some tips to achieve professional results:

Use back camera mostly

This is one rule that you don’t forget so easily. The front cameras are only suitable for taking facial photos and video calls because they have not attained the quality that can get you consistent and decent video quality. Always use the primary camera unless you are making short videos for whatsApp or Snap Chat.

Hold camera firmly and focus

It is vital to hold the camera with two hands while shooting videos. If you are not able to consistently do that you can use a tripod or keep the camera on a table with even surface. Keep an eye on the phone to find whether the recording is going smooth. Don’t look at the scene that you are filming during the shoot and the camera app in smartphones allow you to record the subject by tapping on the screen.

Use Landscape Mode to record video

Cell phones have become bigger and smarter and the logical way of recording is with the portrait mode. However you must remember that videos are best watched on big display screens such as a TV or PC. Portrait mode does not suit these devices so stick to landscape mode which allows you to record scenes in a sweeping manner.

Use appropriate Lighting

Lights play a vital role in the shooting of a video so make it appropriate. In a photo it is possible to brighten a dark still but in video it may not be possible. So get the lighting right when you are shooting and use extra lights if it is indoor shoot.

These are just few tips that you can start with but you will need to learn more to shoot a professional grade video. To learn and practice you will need coaches business coaches as it is easy to access and learn. These coaching videos are produced by expert video makers who coaches business coaches that make videos for marketing. Learn tips from expert video maker Rene on making professional looking videos.