Film footage is appreciated by its audio/video quality so you have to achieve higher levels of excellence to make an outstanding film.  A good advertising video will have both these qualities at optimum levels to attract the attention of the target audience. More emphasis is placed on the video that a person may be shooting opposed to the audio and the end result is usually a poor response leading to reduced views. This result will ultimately not produce for you in the world of advertisement and commercial videos. A commercial video is shot and shown to the public in order to garner customer traffic. If it fails to serve its purpose the video maker/promoter suffers the consequences. That is why it is important to have a professional video consulting company to coach you on how to shoot proper and well received videos.

Why videos fail to attract audience?

Promotional Videos can fail to attract audiences for several reasons. One of the reasons is the quality of the video. The video may not be up to par in terms of shot selection, lighting, background, storytelling or bad acting.  The video may not be as clear as it should be due to bad lighting or angles. Videos showing shadows on the face of main characters will not be able to show what the actor is trying to express. The room where the film is being shot may not be well lit, resulting in to dull and unappetizing video that viewers have difficulty in seeing.   A video should clearly project itself so viewers can see and understand its content. An AV consulting company should be engaged or the person filming should undergo training with an expert from the company to learn the art of videography.

What if audio does not come clear?

In a film if the audio track is not as clear and presentable as the video, it will fail irrespective of its greatness. A well shot video without audio is a classic muscle car without its motor. The sound accompanying the vehicle adds to the affect. If you are choosing to film, it’s critical that you look to employ the services of additional microphones of professional quality while filming promotional and other videos so the audio footage is properly recorded. Poor quality microphones and those that are built-in do not record voices properly. Audio may not come across loud or clear enough for the audience to hear what the character is saying and in that instance the viewer will hit the next button. Undergoing training under with an experienced videographer or an audio video consulting agency is advised for whomever may be shooting.

Professionals place much emphasis on lighting and audio and the use professional grade cameras to shoot films. They will also pay attention to the setting of the scene and ensure that plenty of light is available. If it is outdoors they will ensure that the light is not overtly dazzling and try to diffuse it by using filters etc. all these are technical points related to audio and video aspects of film shooting. To learn the intricacies of employing the right amount of AV in a video contact Rene Estes, renowned mentor and film maker. You can contact her by calling 303.875.9734.