Professionally shot videos are the most watched because they contain all the ingredients that make an excellent video presentation. If you are already a coach or a video maker making product promotion videos for your clients then you would know what we mean by that. Are you successful with your video shooting ventures? Are your clients satisfied with the outcome of your video productions? If not then you must opt for Rene’s mentor coaching program that will teach you how to shoot professional videos.

A coaching manual for shooting professional videos

Our mentor program will tell you exactly how you should go about making professional business video and address all aspects that go in to the making of the video. Additionally you will learn how to be a better coach yourself.  Whether it is the camera angle or lighting, setting up the location or adjusting the sound, the program will provide insight and the points that you should keep in mind while shooting video. It is a coaching manual for video makers who want more from their video production. As a mentor for a small businesses you have a huge responsibility of promoting the business through result oriented videos that show client’s products in the right light and perspective. If you fail in your mission you not only will lose the current business but also future clients due to your bad track record. Working with someone certified in ICF mentor coaching will help neutralize such situations for you as it will coach you how to make videos of substance and quality.

If you are not experienced video maker you are likely to make mistakes that you may not be aware of. You will keep repeating those mistakes because you did not have any one to point out them to you. The program is created by expert video maker and coach who have mastered the skills of excellent video making and is in a position to isolate your past blunders and correct them to advantage. Not everyone is born with the talent and skills to shoot professional videos, but working with an ICF mentor you will be able to do so because it has what it takes to achieve professional heights.

ICF mentor is guided program for making professional videos

Making promotional videos for small or medium enterprises doesn’t make it easier , because it involves clients who run on tighter budgets. The promotional video you make for them could be their ticket to achieve fame and prosperity. This makes it doubly serious business and you must ensure that you make videos that are compelling to watch and keep customers glued to their screens. The higher the number of viewers the brighter are the business prospects for your clients and you.  Making marketing videos is fraught with high-end techniques and managing complex elements like situations, scene preparation, light adjustments, camera movements, sound control, and pre and post production work. The mentor program guided by experienced video maker Rene Estes will coach you on each of these aspects and enable you to apply them in a compelling way. If you are a business mentor/ video maker and are struggling to make it, remember to call Rene on phone number 303.875.9734.