Module 10: Conclusion

Congratulation on Completing The Video Mentor’s Intermediate Filmmaking Certification Program! Let's review what you have learned In module two you learned about color theory.  Expanding on your knowledge from the Introductory Filmmaking Certification Program. In module three you expanded your knowledge of three-point lighting and the importance of contrast.  How we are sculptors of light.  We learned several examples of how powerful contrast lighting is in creating mood.  As seen on the cover of Time with  Jefferson Beaugard Session's image  Nobody is Above the Law.  How the photographers at Time utilized contrast to tell the hidden truth in Session's assertions.  There are two versions of Nobody is Above the Law.   In module four you focused on syntax and how it is utilized within the frame.  Utilizing famous photographers' work as a tool to explore syntax in the image.  The

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Module 10: Conclusion

Congratulation on Completing The Video Mentor’s Videomaking Training Program! You have learned the importance of Preproduction and how planning the video from the outline, what treatment is, scripting it, and storyboarding aids in streamlining your ideas and eliminating the dead spots and eye movement that deteriorates your video into an amateur video. Now, you will make your videos with confidence. We covered all the basics of production --- the crafting of light in two parts, including color temperature, and three-point lighting.  We covered the topic of framing in two parts. How to look at the frame as a limitation and what to do with that limitation. How to look at framing as a language within how to read the syntax. Part two of framing covered the Rule of Thirds and Mise en Scène. In the last two modules, we

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