Module 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Intermediate Certification Program Here we will dive deeper into the topics covered in the Introductory Certification Program and expand our knowledge by learning new topics such as composing a scene, color theory, and sound theory. Become a Patreon Figure v1.0 Six Steps to Creating a Video Along with learning film theories to have a deeper meaning of the subtext of the image. Our understanding of sound moves beyond the essential elements of a sound design, but we mix its tracks in a way that warms up the track. This is where your skills in filmmaking and video making excel.  With knowledge come skill and confidence.    

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Module 1: Introduction

Welcome to The Video Mentor's Introductory Film Certification Program! Your journey to improve your filmmaking skills and boost your online presence begins here.  We will cover preproduction, color temperature, three-point lighting, framing and syntax, framing and rule of thirds and mise en scène, sound, camera movement, and post-production. For more content, join the Video Mentor's Patreon page. Become a Patreon Figure 1.0 Six Steps to Creating a Video  The following exercises will include eight interactive lessons that you can take at your own pace. At the end of this course, you will make a 2-minute video for your business that utilizes everything you have learned. To complete these activities, you will need the following materials: Laptop Cellphone Paper and writing utensils Three household lamps One lavalier microphone Here are some other suggested

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