Module 2: Preproduction

Note: In this module, we are exploring how to create a detailed storyboard.  Then we are looking at funding options for your project.

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Module 2: Preproduction

One of the most critical steps in making your professional video is called preproduction.  Preproduction happens before a single frame is made and is necessary to push back against the seduction of holding your smartphone up and shooting without script, writing, or blocking.  Lack of preproduction is where your professional message deteriorates into an amateur video. Preproduction is where you plan your video and can be thought of in three steps. Step 1 is a written summary also called a treatment. Step 2 a storyboard is drawn, don’t worry if you can’t draw.  Stick figures are more than adequate. Step 3 a script is written. A script is essential to clarify your message. Knowing what you will say eliminates the awkward umms and eye movement creating unwanted dead spots that needlessly lengthen your video.  Step 4 is your distribution

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