Welcome to The Video Mentor’s Introductory Film Certification Program!

Your journey to improve your filmmaking skills and boost your online presence begins here.  We will cover preproduction, color temperature, three-point lighting, framing and syntax, framing and rule of thirds and mise en scène, sound, camera movement, and post-production.

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Figure 1.0 Six Steps to Creating a Video

 The following exercises will include eight interactive lessons that you can take at your own pace. At the end of this course, you will make a 2-minute video for your business that utilizes everything you have learned. To complete these activities, you will need the following materials:

              • Laptop
              • Cellphone
              • Paper and writing utensils
              • Three household lamps
              • One lavalier microphone

Here are some other suggested materials for this course:

              • Graph paper
              • Bounce card or foam board
              • Pop socket for your phone
              • Gimble or selfie stick