Advanced Film & Video Making Certification Program

Advanced Film & Video Making Certification Program


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Welcome to the Advanced Movie Making Film Certification

You are among a great group of video makers who want to advance their skills.

This is where you can master your craft.

Let the geeking begin!


  1. More attention span from the audience that watches your videos
  2. Higher conversion rates with your videos & more subscribers on YouTube
  3. Grow your audience on YouTube faster
  4. Stand out from the crowd & get opportunities in your industry to boost your career
  5. Learn how to edit your videos to have more impact with your finished videos.
  6. Discover the meaning of images & how to edit them into your videos to tell your story better.



  1. Access to 10 Modules (Video Training)
  2. Get Feedback on your 1 – 2 Videos that you produce (2 Minute Videos).
  3. Have every 2 weeks access to the live Masterclasses
  4. You have access to the mentor for support


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