Be seen as the expert you are, and get the clients you want!

Certain key aspects of filmmaking can make or break your message. Your video will make the viewer feel something – will you be drawing them in or pushing them away? Be sure to use the following tips in order to create a successful video, and ultimately attract your target clientele.

1) It’s All About Contrast!

Shadows keep shape and clearly define perspective. To look your best, you must avoid overexposure. Overexposure will flatten you and reduce you to a caricature of who you really are a successful professional. As a result, a lack of contrast flattens your message. Remember, the shadows are your friend! They create depth of character and make you look more inviting.

2) It’s Not a Selfie!

A shaky camera can cause some people to have motion sickness. You want your viewers to be watching your video, not running to the bathroom! To solve this issue, put your camera on a tripod to help keep it still. If you aren’t sure whether this equipment is worth investing in, shoot some footage with a tripod and compare it to another made on a selfie stick. Which do you like best?

3) Set The Stage

Everything visible in the frame of your video will create an emotion, so carefully select your location to set the mood you want. In Hollywood films, there are no accidents. Everything from lighting, to the placement of your furnishings, needs to be intentional to support the message of your business. Take a moment to observe the surroundings available to you. How can you take advantage of existing light sources such as windows, ceiling lights, and lamps? What props should be included in your video?